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       Rock Hill: 111 Caldwell St, Suite 101 Rock Hill | SC 29730 | 803-366-YOGA (9642)   



This class is taught by:

Michelle Schaffran

An avid health and fitness life style has been a part of Michelle’s life since she can remember; when she wasn’t working you could find her in aerobics, running, biking, playing tennis, or weight training. She also pursued becoming an aerobics instructor and worked various positions with gyms from LA Fitness in Atlanta to Curves, Women’s Fitness, and Fitness Edge. However, she had yet to experience the mind-body-spirit connection and body awareness that yoga provides.

From the day of her first class nearly 9 years ago she became an avid yogi. And in 2009 she completed the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training from the Certified Yoga Alliance® program at Charlotte Yoga Studio in Power Alignment Yoga with Grace and Mylinda Morales. To further her knowledge and growth along her yoga path, she also completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Y2 Yoga which included a study of the Ashtanga primary series with Johnna Smith and Tanner Bazemore.

She believes that yoga can be for anyone that desires it! Her passion is to share what she has learned and experienced; meeting each student where they are in their practice from the beginner to the more advanced yogi!

Vinicius Da Costa

Vinicius da Costa

Energy, positivity, humor, optimism, love, is what yoga means to Vinicius. The world is a very complex place. Yoga makes it simple and calm. It puts it all in perspective and brings you peace. Vinicius takes you through this journey in his classes. From the hectic to the peaceful and positive. Every class is an experience. Let him know if it was not!

Vinicius believes a challenging yoga class is both physical and spiritual. His classes demand strength for those who want it with options for all levels, using the foundational and traditional yoga poses (Asanas) and breathing (Ujjayi and Pranayama). He completed his yoga teacher training in 2009 at North Shore Yoga in Chicago. In 2008 Vinicius finished his first IronMan Triatlhon. He works as an IT Executive and has over 20 years of experience in international business.

Born in Brazil, Vinicius has experienced multiple cultures. He brings a latin beat to his classes that makes them warm and cheerful, yet balanced with focused meditation time.

Sara Cain-da Costa

Owner, E-RYT200 CEP & Health Coach

Sara is a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher through the Asheville Yoga Center. She has been teaching yoga in studios, gyms, boardrooms, classrooms, parks, ballfields, basketball courts, and more in the Charlotte metro region since 2000. She was also the first Steele Creek area and Fort Mill, SC Power Yoga instructor.  She guides the 200 hour teacher training program for Samdhaana Yoga.

Sara's personal yoga practice started in 1998 as a holistic approach to healing from a traumatic life event. She quickly realized that yoga is a great physical workout but also also a tool to use for life long healing. She has a background and certifications teaching Power, Vinyasa, Yin, Gentle, Prenatal, and kids yoga.  In addition, she's a certiified Yoga Warrior International teacher allowing her to bring the practice of yoga to our active duty and veteran soldiers suffering from PTSD.  She has created yoga programming for Fortune 500 Corporations, Girl Talk Foundation, Girls on the Run, HQ4 Baseball, Clippers Baseball, iCoachurun, Velocity Sports, summer camps, youth and adult athletes, elementary and middle schools, and more.

In addition to yoga, she is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  She also has over 18 years of former corporate leadership experience in Human Resources.  

Sara's style is positive and empowering; she encourages students to grow by finding the calm at their physical edge. She is committed to practicing and sharing the benefits of yoga, fitness, health, and wellness!

email sara@synergyyogawellness.com

Anastacia Ike-Forman

Anastacia's yoga journey started as a teenager when she was seeking to increase my flexibility. At the time she was an aspiring ballet dancer and was desperate to make her body do what it needed to in order to “fit the mold.” After just a few months she fell in love with yoga, and realized that there was much more to it than just the physical benefits. She became more in tune with her own body and less concerned with achieving any ideal. With each practice she learns to be content with exactly where she is and to be grateful for each breath that moves me through the postures. To this day still learning on her mat, and love sharing the peace and energy that yoga can bring to people in the midst of life.

Carol Leonard

Carol is a certified yoga teacher in Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga and Baptiste Yoga under Barron Baptiste. She has also trained with Rolf Gates, Sean Corn, Shiva Rea, David Swenson. Carol is a pioneer having formerly owned the first yoga studio in Rock Hill, sharing the love of this practice to many who had never experienced a yoga class before. Carol has taught to both students and teachers from pre-school to high school level and has been teaching private and semi private lessons for years. Carol is also certified as a Personal Trainer and has worked with both adults and teenage woman preparing for a competitive sport and pageants.

Carol grew up in the 60's in the Boston area with a grandmother who was one of the pioneers of her time to open a health food store and teach about healthy living, eating and the practice of yoga and breathing. Her parents attended local yoga classes in her neighborhood which, as a child, Carol often attended as well! "Yoga and living a healthy, active lifestyle was part of my upbringing. My brothers and I to this day all practice yoga and are physically active with speed walking, cycling, swimming and other outdoor sports. My parents, both still living, get up every morning and breathe, stretch and move their bodies! And though they are no longer standing on the heads, yoga has kept them young and beautiful! Carol hopes to follow in their footsteps for decades to come!

Carol's style of yoga combines fun classes where students and teacher laugh, breath and work together! Though some sequences can be challenging, Carol breaks down postures, offering modifications and encouragement to work at the level that one's body is able to. As she often says, " Please be open to the challenge of a posture, explore it, enjoy it and breathe it. You will never know what you are capable of doing unless you try. And when you breathe deeply with the posture, the feeling is miraculous!"

Outside of yoga Carol works at the Children's Attention Home helping children in grades K-2 with their studies. Giving back and keeping a community strong is a belief Carol holds dear to her heart.

"Yoga is the solid in my life. There is always a breath to take more deeply when the challenges of life present themselves. We all have incredible powers within ourselves with one common ground...the ability to breathe, to delight in movement with breath and to find the incredible joy that life has to share...positive attitude is everything."

Lisa Cox

An energetic peace. That’s the wonderful benefit instructor Lisa Cox discovered in 2001, when she started taking yoga classes with Sara Cain to supplement her training schedule as a marathon runner. Soon, Lisa realized that yoga had not just made her stronger and even more physically fit, it had brought her a calm, resilient focus and a balance that transformed her life. Lisa’s many years of yoga practice recently culminated in her completing her certification requirements with 200 Hour Yoga Alliance RYT Teacher Training taught and created by Melody White in June 2014.
Melody’s unique Samdhaana Yoga Teacher Training is integrative and intended to fully immerse the yoga student in ALL aspects of Yoga. These include a deep study of yoga philosophy, strong understanding of the physical asana practice and its intended role of prana and the use of pranayama moving principles for the energetic aspects of the practice of yoga, the biomechanics and physiology of stretching, anatomy in relation to alignment and adjustments, and understanding the various forms of balance.

A former elementary school teacher and tutor, Lisa is particularly passionate about bringing the mental and physical benefits of yoga to children. Each day, she leads her daughter’s fourth-grade class in yoga. Her clear, enthusiastic teaching style is designed to make yoga fun and accessible for people of all ages and abilities. She looks forward to working with you at Synergy. Come feel the difference with a Samdhaana Yoga class guided by Lisa Cox.

Jill Thieman

Jill's background is in group exercise and corporate wellness. An avid runner and group exercise instructor, she had an opportunity to take a yoga class, and she decided to try it out. This first yoga experience intrigued her, as she found it very challenging to be still, move slowly and focus on her breath. This first experience led to try different yoga styles, and when she found a style and instructor she connected with, she was hooked, and then continued on to take her yoga teacher training and certification through Yogafit. Jill credits her yoga practice with helping her find balance in her exercise routine and in her life, and loves that yoga is a "practice" and there is always more to learn and experience.

Heather Aubain

Heather has been practicing yoga in North Carolina for 15 years. She became amazed by the connection she felt with her child during prenatal yoga, and took exercise and relaxation to a lifelong study and way of life. She has 240 hours certification from Neighborhood Yoga in Boone, NC. There she studied with Parayoga expert Kelly Golden and Anatomy professor, dancer, and studio owner Valerie Midgett. She has been teaching for 5 years, with classes that vary from Power Yoga, Corporate Yoga, and Relaxation Yoga. She looks forward to bringing her soothing style to Synergy Yoga.

Carolyn Adickes

Carolyn is originally from the mountains of North Carolina.  Her first experience with yoga was at sixteen when she put in her parents' copy of Rodney Yee's AM Yoga.  To this day, she still remembers how amazing she felt afterward. However, it wasn't until she was 24, and finally bought a book on yoga, that her true yoga journey began.  After an injury made pursuing a career in dance impossible, she came to yoga hoping to find a replacement only to find so much more.
In 2014, she finally made the decision to share her love of Samdhaana Yoga with others, finishing her training in June of 2015 with Sara Cain da-Costa and Melody White.  It is her hope that everyone who attends her class feels safe exploring their bodies and taking their practice deeper.  
When she is not teaching, she can be found chasing after her spirited daughter and spending time with her wonderfully supportive husband, a Rock Hill native.

Jen Husvar

Jen first discovered yoga about 20 years ago in a studio facing the Folly River during many beautiful sunsets that grace the landscape of the Low Country. A beach towel was her first yoga mat. It was there that the natural flow and rhythm of asana was set into her grain. As her college days took over, she stepped away for many years. Then five years ago she found herself traveling throughout the week with her job and out of touch with people. She sought out yoga studios in all of the cities where she traveled and had numerous studio passes at one time. What she found was a community that was welcoming and joyous. She learned that everyone who rolls out their mat comes to yoga for many different reasons. It’s the common ground in which we meet is so tactile… so precious. Jen received her Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification in May 2015 through Johnna Smith. 

Emily Morgan

Emily had her first taste of yoga at Jivamukti Yoga School in New York City in 1998 and has practiced yoga ever since. She is a yoga mutt, having studied Iyengar, Anusara, and Ashtanga, among others. Emily received her yoga certification in Costa Rica in 2010 and taught in El Paso, TX and Winston-Salem, NC before moving to Rock Hill in 2014.
This class will focus on basic asanas (poses) that develop alignment awareness and aptitude, physical strength and endurance, and mental and physical awareness. Movements are done in synch with the breath. Great for practitioners of all levels and abilities!