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       Rock Hill: 111 Caldwell St, Suite 101 Rock Hill | SC 29730 | 803-366-YOGA (9642)   



Demi has 10 years teaching experience with Nia and is a Blue Belt level Instructor. She was introduced to it in 2002 in San Diego CA. She instantly fell in love with Nia's philosophy, world music and holistic movement. She received her 1st level of training in CA. in 2004 before moving to Charlotte in 2005. Additionally, she is an Ageless Grace educator, an experiential workshop facilitator, and an EFT coach. She is CPR certified.

Demi, is also the author of two books based on the Science of Mind principles and her empirical understanding of the Laws of Attraction:
About Spiritual Mind Treatments:
Setting the Law of Attraction in Motion and
BeJoWiLo’s Upper House:
Law of Attraction Basics for Children.

Demi was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She has lived in Turkey and in several U.S. States. She has two grown sons and two grandsons!

She’s passionate about kicking her shoes off, letting her body move to Nia's world music and inspiring others to do the same in order to find physical and emotional health through movement!
She also offers an annual Seaside Nia Retreat @ the Greek island Agistri in late Summer.
Her life's philosophy that perception creates our reality and that the Universe ultimately has our best interest at heart, keeps her grounded in a world where visions and desires manifest in alignment with our highest good.


Demi instructs the following:
  • Nia
  • All Levels
    Nia is a dynamic blend of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts like yoga, which brings the body, mind and spirit to optimum health through great music, creative movement and self-expression. Each participant is invited to move at his or her own level of intensity. Nia delivers whole-body conditioning. The result is a total body and life makeover that leads to falling in love with moving and living in one's body.

    Benefits of Nia:
    • Facilitate weight loss and proper weight maintenance
    • Strengthen muscles, improve muscle tone, and increase muscle definition
    • Calm the mind and relieve stress
    • Improve endurance
    • Increase grace and flexibility
    • Balance the autonomic nervous system
    • Improve posture and even increase height
    • Improve organ function, particularly that of the heart and lungs
    • Alleviate emotional problems, including depression, anxiety, and stress
    • Improve circulation and lymphatic drainage
    • Strengthen immunity
    • Improve concentration and cognitive function