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       Rock Hill: 111 Caldwell St, Suite 101 Rock Hill | SC 29730 | 803-366-YOGA (9642)   



10+ years ago I “stumbled” into my first yoga class, attending it because I wanted to “stretch”.
Being active in cardio and strength training my muscles always felt tight.
I found yoga challenged me in a way I have never before been challenged. Learning to breathe, turn inward, and listen to my body, allowing it to speak to me rather than me telling my body what to do was a totally new concept to me.
Before yoga I was partially present in my workouts and daily life. My mind would travel to multiple places and I unaware of my lack of “presences”. Learning to be present was the first step in my yoga practice. Discovering that amazing realizations can come to light when we incorporate mindfulness, breath and movement.

I received my 200 hour RYT Certification June 2015 in Samdahanna yoga studying under Sara Cain DaCosta and Melody White. I am grateful to be able to guide those who are new to yoga by encouraging attendees to let go of preset expectations and embrace their own version of the poses while being mindful of safe alignment.

Katie is currently not instructing any classes.