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       Rock Hill: 111 Caldwell St, Suite 101 Rock Hill | SC 29730 | 803-366-YOGA (9642)   


Lisa G.

Lisa received her 200 hour ryt certification May 2016 in Samdhaana yoga studying under Sara Cain-DaCosta and Michele Tampa-Hoag. She has always been active having a background in dance, music and theater. She received her Bachelor of arts degree in music and theater education through Ferrum College, and also has certifications in Music Together and Kindermusik . She developed her love of practicing yoga after her daughter was born and found the multiple benefits that yoga provided, not only physically but for the mind and spirit. Lisa truly believes that yoga is an intimate relationship between you and your body, once you develop that relationship, you can foster and create compassionate challenges for yourself. Lisa teaches Mindful Hot Flow, Mixed Vinyasa, Lunch Flow and Kids Yoga.

Lisa G. instructs the following:
  • $7 Lunch Break Flow
  • Step away from your busy day and onto your mat for this mid-day shortened 50 minute class to de-stress, clear your mind, take a deep breath, and loosen up.

    This is a mixed level non-heated Vinyasa flow yoga class. The sequences will build strength and flexibility, while increasing concentration and balance. You can return to work or your afternoon activities feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day!
    The class is best suited for those having a basic knowledge of the asana practice or poses. Great precursors to this is our Yoga 101 or Foundations Class.

  • $7 Kids Yoga (ages 6-11)
  • Through games, movement, imagination and lots of fun, creative yoga for kids (ages 6-11) teaches lifelong skills that are beneficial to instill in all growing kids. It is especially beneficial for children to learn at a young age that yoga can help strengthen their bodies as well as their minds. The top eight benefits of yoga for kids:

    -Increases Flexibility and strength- Children are naturally flexible, but somewhere around the ages of 6 or 7, their flexibility can diminish. The good news is that by practicing yoga it helps maintain their flexibility.
    -Improves Balance- As children work on their balance in yoga poses, their self-confidence increases as they feel their bodies grow stronger.
    -Enhances Concentration and Focus- Kids are part of a rapidly changing world. Yoga helps children practice concentration and self-control, which then enhances their focus and awareness.
    -Practices Being Present and Mindful- There is much benefit to slowing down, unplugging and being away from it all, a yoga class keeps the kids present, aware and in the moment, which is a valuable skill to practice throughout life.
    -Boosts Confidence- Yoga makes you feel good! As they practice, they become calmer, more poised and confident in their abilities, not only in class, but throughout their daily activities.
    -Promotes Health and Stress Management- Breathing exercises in yoga help calm and center kids. This gives kids the tools to use when they are stressed or overwhelmed in life.
    -Builds Peer and Social Interaction- Yoga is about encouraging one another and promoting acceptance, trust, kindness, and empathy.
    Sparks Creativity and Expression- Our classes are fun and engaging as they move in and out of games, stories, and songs while learning new poses and practicing as a group.

    *Please friend me Lisa Felton-Gajdzis on FB in order to be linked to our new Synergy Creative Yoga for kids page to access lesson plans, and helpful information regarding kids yoga!

  • Mindful Hot Flow
  • Mindful Hot Flow is calming yet invigorating, it focuses on alignment and breath. Although the 90-95 degree heat takes getting used to, it can quickly become addictive! Mindful Hot is a fusion of traditional a Hot26 and Vinyasa Flow. The pace is designed to create challenge by holding poses longer to develop alignment awareness, engage strength, develop endurance, improve balance, open shoulders and hips. It is where to start a "power" practice and also where to come for growing & maintaining your level of strength and flexibility. It's very important to hydrate prior to class. Also, recommended that you take class more than 90 minutes after a meal. Great precursor is Foundations and Vinyasa Basics.

  • Power Vinyasa
  • Warm
    Discover the "Power" and strength within you! This is a vigorous class which builds heat and stamina through sun salutations, linking stronger poses and sequences. This class is created to carry those who have a strong existing intermediate to advanced yoga practice through a series of poses and sequences that lead up to taking peak postures, if desired. Class emphasizes the principles of forward folds, core strengthening, and twists. We also include inversions, arm balances, and/or back bends. Stillness is offered through Deep Stretch floor poses and relaxation will round out the class for a balanced experience mind, body, and spirit. Best suited for those with a basic knowledge of the poses and a Vinyasa practice.  A great precursor to this is Foundations, Basic Vinyasa, or Intermediate Vinyasa.