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       Rock Hill: 111 Caldwell St, Suite 101 Rock Hill | SC 29730 | 803-366-YOGA (9642)   



Christin began her yoga journey in 2011 after giving birth to her second child. 6 months after taking her first yoga class she started her 200 hour yoga teacher training program through Grace Morales, the founder of Charlotte Yoga. After graduating, one month later, she started Grace’s 500 hour yoga teacher training program. After successfully finishing 500 hours of teacher training she's been lucky enough to be able to assist Grace Morales in her 200 hour teacher trainings she holds in Charlotte, NC.
Before teaching yoga, she was blessed enough to be able to stay at home to be with her children. Christin says, "Being a stay at home mom is one the best jobs in the world, but it can also be very taxing at times. When my daughter was 6 months old my husband suggested I try yoga, before I actually spontaneously combusted from the stress and monotony of toddler life."

Having an outlet for yourself is crucial to staying healthy, for anyone, in today’s world.

The study of yoga and anatomy has held her attention for years, and it probably will be something that inspires her for the rest of her life. She will continue to challenge herself and find new sources to learn from daily. She continues to learn from her practice and the awesome people that are with her on this journey.

Christin says, "Yoga has been very beneficial to me in my everyday life. It helps me to be a better a better person, a more patient mother, a loving wife, a more confident teacher, and student. Teaching yoga is something I never imagined doing, but it has turned out to be one of the most gratifying jobs I’ve had to date. Sometimes, the things we never planned on happening in our lives end up being the most prosperous."

When guiding a class through a sequence she takes a fun, hands on approach with just the right amount of challenge.

Christin instructs the following:
  • Mindful Hot Flow
  • Mindful Hot Flow is calming yet invigorating, it focuses on alignment and breath. Although the 90-95 degree heat takes getting used to, it can quickly become addictive! Mindful Hot is a fusion of traditional a Hot26 and Vinyasa Flow. The pace is designed to create challenge by holding poses longer to develop alignment awareness, engage strength, develop endurance, improve balance, open shoulders and hips. It is where to start a "power" practice and also where to come for growing & maintaining your level of strength and flexibility. It's very important to hydrate prior to class. Also, recommended that you take class more than 90 minutes after a meal. Great precursor is Foundations and Vinyasa Basics.