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       Rock Hill: 111 Caldwell St, Suite 101 Rock Hill | SC 29730 | 803-366-YOGA (9642)   



I began practicing yoga at Kripalu Yoga Center when I was in high school. There was something so compelling about the way people moved and interacted there - a sense of calm and openness that I was drawn to. I began practicing yoga regularly in my 30s and became a certified yoga teacher in 2010. I love teaching yoga because I learn something new every day through my interactions with students, other teachers, and my studies of yoga texts. My classes always include pranayama and focus on mindful and intuitive movement. As we connect with our breath, we find the union of mind, body and spirit, and that's when the magic happens both on and off the mat! When I'm not practicing or teaching yoga, I love to go for hikes, run with my running group, and snuggle up at home with my husband, kids and cockapoo Snow.

Cindy instructs the following:
  • Yoga Basics
  • Level 1
    An ongoing exploration in the foundations of yoga. You will learn the history, basic techniques, and general information about yogic philosophy. Your instructor will lead you through a basic practice incorporating some of the fundamental yoga poses. This class is perfect for beginners, and provides great reinforcements for the more experienced.

  • Deep Stretch Full Breath
  • "Move, Breathe, Connect"
    Asana (movement), Pranayama (breath), and Meditation- get it all in 1 class! We begin with 45 minutes of dynamic warm ups and deeper stretches to lubricate joints and enliven the body. Then move into 30 minutes of seated breathing techniques to calm and center the mind, flowing naturally into a short meditation to deeply connect with our true nature.

    This class is for you 1) you've heard that yoga is all about the breath but you aren't quite sure how to do pranayama or why it's used; 2) you find that you can't quiet the mind when practicing yoga or when trying to meditate; or 3) you know how to do some breathing techniques but would like to learn more about them and how to integrate them into your daily life. 

  • $7 Lunch Break Flow
  • Step away from your busy day and onto your mat for this mid-day shortened 50 minute class to de-stress, clear your mind, take a deep breath, and loosen up.

    This is a mixed level non-heated Vinyasa flow yoga class. The sequences will build strength and flexibility, while increasing concentration and balance. You can return to work or your afternoon activities feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day!
    The class is best suited for those having a basic knowledge of the asana practice or poses. Great precursors to this is our Yoga 101 or Foundations Class.