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       Rock Hill: 111 Caldwell St, Suite 101 Rock Hill | SC 29730 | 803-366-YOGA (9642)   


200 Hour Yoga Alliance RYT Teacher Training with Sara Cain-da Costa and Michele Tampa-Hoag
6-month journey begins January 2017


Sara Cain, E-RYT, Founder of Synergy Yoga Wellness

Michele Tampa Hoag, E-RYT


Continue Your Love of Yoga

Deepen your own understandings of this ancient healing practice, and aid others in the development of self through Samdhaana Yoga Teacher Training.


Samdhaana Yoga Teacher Training


The training is integrative and developed to immerse you in all aspects of yoga including deep studies in philosophy, a strong understanding of the asana practice and its intended purpose, the role of prana and the use of pranayama, moving principles for the energetic aspects of the practice, the biomechanics and physiology of stretching, anatomy in relation to alignment and adjustments, understanding the various forms of balance, the ability to sequence a balanced class in multiple formats, teaching methodology, and more.

The Beauty of Samdhaana

Samdhaana Yoga is a practice of healing and can be practiced and taught in multiple formats – beginners, alignment based, and/or vinyasa.  The beauty of Samdhaana is that it restricts nothing, nor defines for the teacher what poses to take or teach. Rather, it lays out principles that govern movement anatomically and energetically, providing its teachers with the knowledge needed to use their own creativity and authenticity to build classes. Samdhaana embraces the unique gifts of each individual and fosters the sharing of these gifts with each individual teacher’s classes.  
What You Will Learn 

In Samdhaana Yoga Teacher Training, students learn mini sequences that address the 7 basic elements of opening the body, providing the knowledge to create classes that build to one or multiple peak postures or that open and address all areas of the body. 
By learning the anatomical and energetic aspects of the poses and understanding complementary and mimicking poses for a sequence, Samdhaana teachers can accessorize basic mini sequences and incorporate floor work into the practice. This provides for multi layered sequences and active/passive sequences, which further enhance balance by addressing the practice in terms of heart up and heart down, and the creation of energetic movement along a horizontal plane and energetic movement along a vertical plane. 

In addition our curriculum includes:
Yoga Anatomy
Chakra System
Introduction to Ayurveda
Yoga History & Philosophy
Introduction to Sanskrit
Sequencing and teaching multiple level classes; Power Vinyasa, Basics, and Foundations classes

Linear or Mandala Format 

Samdhaana Yoga can be taught and practiced in linear or mandala (rotational) format, but is most often taught in mandala format, as the mandala itself offers many aspects of healing.  Samdhaana Yoga is the founder of the principles that direct rotational movement on the mat.  When applied to the yoga practice, these principles allow one to feel radial balance, which is optimum in terms of balance. 

Understandings You Will Gain 

Graduates of Samdhaana Teacher Training have a great understanding of the energies that make up the world and how one can be supported by them in their practice and daily lives; the eight limb path and how to create classes that embrace all aspects; how to share a class with clear and concise communication so that practitioners can hear the whispering of their own souls and continue the process of cultivation; the physical and mental constitutions that make up one’s being, how the yoga practice is associated with them, and how to aid practitioners in meeting the needs of their individual make up.

I just completed the 200 hour Samdhaana Teacher Training program and it was wonderful! Sara is an amazing teacher, instructor and leader as she guided us through the training. I am already a yoga teacher so for me, this was a journey to learn the Samdhaana philosophy and to be able to teach this type of yoga to others. This was the best training course I have ever attended not only because I have fallen in love with Samdhaana, but because Sara did such a fantastic job! The course acknowledges how to teach to others safely, energetically and with a positive spirit! If you are considering becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher, this program is by far, the best around. It was well worth the time to become a Samdhaana Teacher. Thank you to Melody White for creating this beautiful practice and to Sara da Costa (Cain) for teaching it!! See you on the mat! Carol L.


January 2017 - June 2017

Classes will meet at Club Fitness Steele Creek - 11108 S. Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28273 and Synergy Yoga Rock Hill
Fridays 6 pm-9 pm
Saturdays 10 am-8 pm
Sundays 9 am - 7 pm

2017 Training Weekends
January 20-22
February 24-26
March 3-5
March 24-26
April 21-23
May 19-21
June 9-11
June 23-25

Your tuition also includes: 50% off regular class packages at Synergy studios. Discounts on workshops at Synergy (Discounts vary by workshop). 15% off retail. Mentoring.
Investment: $2,800.00 / EARLY BIRD Discount $2,500.00 if paid in full by December 15, 2016. A $250 deposit is required to secure your spot.

**Payment plans are available reach out to sara@synergyyogawellness.com

Have a question: sara@synergyyogawellness.com or 803-366-9642

Please join us in becoming a guide and sharing yoga in its whole form - as a means of healing and maintaining the health of mind, body, and spirit, and the cultivation of soul.